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Chris Burnett

2300 Glencove Pl

Lynchburg, Va












Chris Burnett

Gifted with her psychic ability at birth, Chris is a true psychic, employing no mothods other than her ability to see and speak with Spirit Guides. Chris will speak directly to your Guides for the most accurate information about you and your life. No matter which area of life you are seeking guidance for, your own Guides are your best source of information. As Chris always says, "Who knows you better than your own Guides?"

Higher Self Reading...Questions? Decisions to make? The Higher Self Reading will address any question you can think of. It is also the reading where those who are now deceased may come through. So often in life we need extra help in making a decision or in knowing which way to go, and who better to advise than your own Guides? They can help you understand and resolve most anything.

Shaman Reading...When you are ready to receive transformative energy from the Guides, along with your psychic reading, try the Massive Shaman Reading. He specializes in opening the brain and third eye, which helps to facilitate shifts in life and/or healing.

"Our Lady" Readings...Also included in the lineup of energy readings, "Our Lady" appeared to Chris in meditation one day and announced that she would be conducting readings and wished to be called "Our Lady." She is as high a consciousness as ever seen by Chris, and her readings can be exquisitely beautiful and like all the energy readings, quite transformative and healing.

The Warrior's Journey Reading...Native American Guides take you on an incredibly deep journey lasting close to two hours or more. These readings are extremely deep and can be quite transformative. Looking for your power? Your warrior strength? This reading is where you find it...

All readings are designed to empower you through either true information or energy work, or a combination of the two.



Be sure to check out my books that were written with the Guides in meditation. The Divine Order of Life is a most beautiful book; chock full of information from various Guides, explaining the process of divine order amongst other topics. Its very nature is healing and pacifying.





Payment...The readings can be easily paid for by going to the website store and simply clicking on the reading you desire. Credit cards are also accepted over the phone.




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Please visit the website store to purchase a reading, or credit cards can be accepted over the phone. Thank you...

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